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Name 10 favourite footballers 

Tagged by jamespmilner. Thank you, darling <3 So here we go :D (I’m not sure if I didn’t forget of someone)

1. Edin Dzeko. Surprise! :D I wrote many times why he’s my favourite footballer, so I’ll just say, he’s ambitious, strong, also very nice and down to earth. He never gives up and of course, he’s a very skilled player! Both footed, great in the air, not only scores goals but his passes and assist can be amazing.

2. Mario Balotelli. Because he’s one of his kind and very sincere. His skills are tremendous, he has his faults (no doubt) but I love him nevertheless.

3. Raul. He was my first favourite footballer, my idol when I was 12, so he’ll always have a special place in my heart.

4. Zinedine Zidane. What a player! A true legend for me, one of the best playmakers ever and his goal in the Champions League final in 2002 will always be one of the best goals I’ve seen.

5. Vincent Kompany. Great captain, great defender, great person. Seriously, he’s one of the kindest and wisest football players I can think of. I could listen to him all the time, he”s always so dignified :D We’re lucky to have such a captain.

6. Artur Boruc. He’s one of the best Polish goalkeepers, a Legia legend, also he’s a true Legia supporter.

7. Samir Nasri. He’s so talented, I wish he showed it more often on the pitch. I love him because of his character and also his style of playing football suits me very much. When he has his good day, watching him is a true feast for the eyes!

8. Sergio Aguero. Because AGUEROOOOOO :D Awesome striker with great technique and is always smiling.

9. Michael Ballack. I used to love him (almost) as much as Raul at the beginning of my adventure with football. Great midfielder.

10. Roberto Carlos. Because since Roberto Carlos side backs aren’t the same. Also his set pieces vere unbelieveble. Literally.

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how to watch champions league matches


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